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Altaid for General Contracting and Trading Company LTD

Altaid is a General Contracting and Trading Iraqi Company established in 2008. The company has necessary resources that include equipment and manpower, storage, logistics, and financial assets.

Altaid Company Services include:‎

  1. Consumable Supplies
  2. Pest Control Services,
  3. Maintenance Services,
  4. Logistic Services,
  5. Turnkey Projects,
  6. Food Services,
  7. Construction,
  8. Vehicle Lease, and Maintenance.

​the company employs are local and international professionals. Altaid provides equal employment opportunities for locals. In addition, our company employs international employees in order to train and supervise our projects and employees.

Altaid Co. receives complaints and feedback from costumers 24 hours. Where our management team is responsible for evaluating complaints and feedback and take appropriate response action timely.